Anger management training

Think about it… if you’re driven, then you’re not in the driver’s seat. When you feel out of control like this, you’re being driven by the negative emotions of anger and fear, and you won’t like where they take you. What’s next? Put your anger and fear in the back seat. They’re not going to go away, but you can certainly learn to manage them so they don’t manage you. You need to set your course and map your route. So what to do? Get some useful information on the psychological, neurochemical and physiological background of anger, and learn how to control mad emotions and prevent the trouble. The training provides you a closer look at your angry nature and helps you to transform it. You can learn mindfulness and breathing techniques, and other communication methods to take control over your mad nature and avoid escalating conflicts. Conflict management questionnaires will help you to identify your conflict style, and you will get a the specific know how what to do in a situation you need help to manage anger. With non-violent communication techniques you can learn how to express anger in a healthy way and you will have your own strategies you can use in case of emergency.

New training appointment

28th April

10am.- 6pm.

Theory and practice in a nice environment in small group with max. 10 participants
  • Beliefs and facts about anger, factors triggering anger
  • Angry outbursts and nervous system, stress and aggression
  • Individual characteristics of anger, the cycle of anger
  • Anger- and stress management techniques
  • Conflict management: Thomas-Killmann conflict mode instrument
  • Anger diary, conflict scripts
  • Non-violent communication

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