The effectiveness of psychological counselling work becomes whole with hypnotherapy methods which can help to access the subconscious mind. ThetaHealing® is an energy healing technique used in a deep meditative state of theta brain waves connecting you with the Creator of All that is to facilitate the healing process. In the pure quantum space with the power of unconditioned love you can experience the healing process in body and soul. Where the classical psychological jealousy therapy and anger management counselling cannot help you to make deeper change, the missing chain link is ThetaHealing®.

Within the ThetaHealing® meditation process through a focused prayer to the Creator of All the healing is happening in the space of unconditioned love. The technique is connected with the true belief in the power of the universe, but not to religions, therefore anyone can experience the benefits of the healing who believes in the existence of a higher, invisible force.

Physical sicknesses, psychosomatic symptoms, anxiety disorders, self-esteem problems etc. on energetic level are the consequences of our belief systems, and memories stored in he cell memory. Our world is created by these unconscious beliefs, and our behavior is nurtured by convictions which we believe to be true in conscious or subconscious level. These beliefs systems are influencing our thoughts, emotional reactions, and our decisions in everyday life.

With the Theta Healing treatments we are working on transforming negative, not supportive thought patterns, schemes and we dissolve the limiting beliefs which sabotage us to live the life we want. Int he process of intuitive digging we identify the key core beliefs is standing behind the emotional problem and we transform the key belief. If that happened, the the other unsupportive beliefs connected to the key key belief are also dissolved. that makes the immediate healing possible.

Dissolving unsupportive beliefs, and downloading the supportive ones happens not only on the he level of the personal life story, but effects also genetic and collective levels: core, genetic, history and soul level. Together with downloading supportive belief systems we teach the client feelings, that he or she never experienced before or cannot access to them. Every step during the treatment happens with the permission of the client.

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