I graduated at the ELTE Faculty of Psychology. Since 2006, I have been working with adult clients at the Family Service Center in the II District and I am collaborator of the Capital Pedagogy Faculty Service. I am publishing regularly in the topic of aggression management and treating jealousy, I am the author and editor of Conflict clinic website.

I worked in the aggression management work team at the Children and Youth Department of the Mérei Ferenc Pedagogy Institute. I was editor of Watch tv wise and Home at the internet websites, publishing in the topic of family-friendly media usage. I was also presenting at the International Media Conference.

Emotional blackmail, manipulation, and the phenomenon of aggression and anger is the center of my counselling work. I’ve been working with anger and aggression management for a long time, using the methods of anger management and treating jealousy in individual and couples therapy. I teach my clients conflict management skills and techniques to be able to build balanced relationships in their lives and I help them to gain deep self-knowledge to build up new basements in their life-guidance.

In the sessions we work with analyzing the client’s life story, discovering the sources and causes of anger and jealousy, and we learn specific cognitive-behavioral and communication techniques to be able to overcome it.

My specialization:

  • Individual and couples counselling
  • Managing anger and conflict
  • Individual and group trainings
  • Handling agressive children, parent counselling
  • Treating jealousy, and low self-esteem
  • Stress management
  • Treating anxiety disorders

Individual counselling

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Couples counselling

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Skype consultation

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