Vianna, the founder of ThetaHealing® was born in Idaho Falls, USA blissed with medium abilities. She always thought as much to have her own mission, although she started working as intuitive healer just later on. Since 1995, many people from all over the world were cured from severe diseases thanks to the technique of ThetaHealing®. Before the method was developed Vianna practiced Taoism, nutritional care and used medicinal plants to cope with her personal health problems. In 1994 she was diagnosed with cancer, which became the turning point in her life. Vianna also proceeded to heal people despite the fact that she was in despair of not being able to help herself. Once she helped her aunt to be cured of abdominal pains by going into a special, new state of mind. She did not realize until the end how it worked, but decided to try the effect of going into such a state of mind again, that time for herself and amazingly she cured herself!

Vianna continues to discover new facets of ThetaHealing®, developing more and more advanced courses for treatment and training. Today, Vianna Stibal lives in Montana with his divine soulmate, Guy Stibal, happy mother and grandmother, writer, and, of course, a practitioner and teacher of ThetaHealing®.

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