Couples counselling

In the psychology of relationships analyzing our everyday games in conflict situations is essential. we have to be aware of hidden unconscious patterns in the background of returning conflicts that take control over us unexpectedly. The goal is to recognize and transform them and to pick up new strategies of non-violent communication and grow new basements in the relationship.

In the first part of our sessions:

At our first two session we start with individual exploration, then we meet for the first time together and continue with analyzing questionnaires related to good and bad habits in the relationships. We define the core problems we need to work on.

Int he second part of our sessions:

We need at least 12 sessions to find new solutions leading us towards framed therapeutic goals and discover how they work in practice and how they can grow and become new habits.

Our focus points:

  • Learning effective communication and anger management techniques and strategies
  • Framing problems and needs int he relationship
  • Implementing new strategies in everyday life and conflict situations
  • Recognizing differences as resources int he relationship and match them.
  • Between-session task discussion

If the required goals need more time to achieve, the counselling process can last for half or one year, enrolling rare meetings.

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