Individual counselling

A session takes 60 minutes, usually we meet once a week. In case of crises two sessions a week might be recommended.

In the first part of our sessions we explore the following fields:

  • Defining the problem, and it’s history, indentifying causes behind the problem
  • The most important events of life history
  • Themes of self-knowledge we need to work on, therapeutic goals
  • Trigerpoints of anger, anger management techniques, non-aggressive ways of reacting in conflicts
  • Evaluation of self-knowledge and conflict management questionnaires
  • Between-session task discussions
  • Working with anger management educational resources

In the second part of our sessions:

10-20 session is needed to find new solutions leading you towards your goals, discover how it works in practice, curing and developing new habits. If the change needs more time, a therapy can take 6 months, or 1-2 years to settle new basements of life-guidance.

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